Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ocmulgee National Monument, Macon, GA, Dec. 2013

Jeff and I went up to Douglassville, GA to check out a slide-in Lance camper & to visit his cousins, Linda and Mike who live in Powder Springs. On our way home we decided to stop in at the Ocmulgee National Monument. This is on our way home to Soperton.

We toured the visitors center which is also an archaeology museum. 

There are artifacts displayed here from the time when the Muscogee Indians lived in the area.

The museum preserves the traces of South Eastern Native American culture, including major earthworks which were built over 1,000 years ago.

We enter through these wooden door frames, and travel until we reach the center of the space.

These are called earth fire lodges with the fireplaces. These are used for important meetings and different ceremonial activities.

We later hike to other mounds that are on the premises but these are small than the one above.

We were there probably a total of three hours. There are other trails to hike if you wish too and they vary in range from a couple of miles to 12 miles along the river.

We really enjoyed it.

See ya all later !

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lunch & Hat Party - December 2013

My mother-in-law and I decided to invite all of my husbands aunts who live locally in Soperton to come over for a lunch and a hat party.  I gathered up some hats, and some decorations and a few glue guns and away we went. First though we had a great lunch!  (Okay, the silly sign was MY idea)

But, the lunch was awesome............

And after that we sent the ladies outside so we could clear the table and set up for the decorating.

With glue guns and decorations at hand - it began - and Laura and I had to choose a winner amongst these awesome ladies.

As you can from the pictures below it was a fierce competition:

Sula -

Diane -

Priscilla - 

Laura - 

Me -

And the winner is - Martha -

I think everyone had a great time. I know Laura and I did !

See ya all later...........

Thanksgiving - November 2013

November was a great month for our family.

I was lucky to have my brother, Jamie, come from South Florida for a visit
and also, my mother-in-law, Laura, also from South Florida came for a visit also.

The turkey and all the fixings were great as well as I got a belated birthday cake from Laura.
She makes my favorite which is

Coconut !

Also, I made fudge for my brother (his favorite) and below is a pic of it cooking........

Later on Laura had a recipe for some outrageous drink:  rum, pineapple juice, cherries & the juice and was awesome!

We had such a good time.

My brother got a little 'cold' though when one of the nights out in our RV, it was 21 degrees and he ran out of propane - oops -

Anyway, I hope that your Holiday was as good as ours and we are looking forward to Christmas !

Happy future Holiday!

See ya later on,

Friday, November 1, 2013

Good Sam Rally, Atlanta Motor Speedway, Oct. 17-20, 2013

Jeff and I were FINALLY able to get out and do some camping. We went to the Good Sam Rally in Hampton, Georgia for 3 nights. It was all dry camping and the weather was mostly cooperative.

You are sorta jammed in there but there were over 3000 RV's there. Pretty awesome!

We looked at a lot of campers. We walked through a lot of vendor booths. Of course we spent some money.

The weekend wasn't without problems though - the water heater went out, and the cover for the stove/oven vent on the outside flew off. The plastic latch for the closet door broke and last but NOT least when we arrived home to dump the tanks, the valve/handle was missing off the outside.

All is not lost though - we have ordered all the parts - and we are awaiting UPS to deliver!

We were treated to the Beach Boys in concert on Friday night. They were really great.........

Then the next night were treated to Vince Gill - he is such a great singer and guitar player !

We had such a great time that I am SURE that if the Good Sam Rally ever comes near us again that we will definitely go.

See ya all later !

Visit to South Florida, September 2013

I took a trip to South Florida to see my family and friends and also to go on a day cruise to Bimini, Bahamas with my Mother-in-Law, Laura.

My friend, Sherry, and her grand baby, Willow, road with me and they were dropped off to visit with her sister who lives out in the Everglades!  This is georgous little Willow below.

I landed at Laura's house and soon after was off and running to visit my son.

I also went to visit my former boss and his wife, and then it was off to visit my friend, Evelyn.

During my stay I visited my brother, over at the country club where he  DJ's on Saturday nights.
Jamie really loves his music - and we love listening to it.

Next on the agenda was going to Bimini, Bahamas for a day cruise. The ship was nice, and the food was ok, (what can you expect for $ 69.00 including your room.

We did lose a few bucks in the on board casino. And we did swim some in the pool on shore. There is also a casino on land, but kind of small. The burger and fries were $ 14.00 but at least they were good!  The hotel is not built yet and the way you get from ship to shore leaves a lot to be desired. We were to have 4 hours on shore but between getting over and back, we ended up with only two !!!

But, we made the best of it and at least the ride over and back was beautiful. The Miami skyline, even during the day is pretty awesome.

Well, see ya all later !  ( I gotta get home )

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Splash in the Boro, Statesboro, GA that is!

When Jane, Robbie & Jordyn came to visit we took off with my cousins daughter, Saleena, to Statesboro to the water park. I have never been to a water park but when I got there I immediately saw the lazy river - who could resist?

There was also a separate pool for all the little ones in attendance (none of which were with us).....

As the day went on Jane and I went on the slide then Jane and Robbie went on the slide. Below are a few pics of them having fun on the slide. It was really fast !

I think they look like they are ready to go again....

And after a busy day of fun in the sun, we all were ready to eat. Jordyn dived right in.

See ya'll..........

Jane's Birthday & a swim in the creek, July 2013

My friend Jane has a birthday in August but since I won't be able to see her then I decided to bake her a cake to celebrate while she is visiting us for a while in July.

My mom even helped by putting on the chocolate frosting as you can see from the photo below.

Below is a photo enjoying her cake and her glass of wine. (You go Jane.......)

The creek that runs through our property still had lots of water in it since we have had unusually heavy amounts of rain this year.

So, Robbie, Jordyn and Saleena decided to go in for a dip......

Later on, all tuckered out we all just rest in the living room and watch a little television.

See ya'll..................