Sunday, September 23, 2012

Coop-de-Ville (My Hen House)

It took a while but I finally talked Jeff into letting me have three chickens. Of course this meant HE would have to build them a coop !  After searching the internet for ideas, we finally came up with the following design.

With the coop almost done, it was time to get our three hens.  I went to several places and finally picked up 2 silver-laced wyandotte hens about 12 weeks old and 1 red orpington hen of the same age.  These type hens lay medium-large brown eggs. They should start laying when they are 8-9 months old.

A few months later, they are getting really much bigger...........

Unfortunately one of my GIRLS (look at the one to the left) was a wolf in hens clothing because he started to crow and we soon figured out he was a male......

He is so beautiful - but he's gotta go. I want eggs, not chicks !

We found him a new home and from what I've heard he is doing great.  I loved listening to his 'song' every morning but a male isn't going to be laying anything, except maybe the hens..........(Oh, that was bad of me, pretend I didn't say that)

Take care ya'll & we'll see ya down the road.

George L. Smith St. Pk, Twin City, GA

Hi Everyone,

We were able to get out to camp for three nights in April, staying at this great little state park about 35 minutes from our house.

We were lucky to get into site 16 which was right on the lake for easy canoe/kayak access.

Lucky for that weekend we were able to meet up with some new friends, Karen & Oggie, that live near us who have kayaks.

There is a great lake with lots of cypress trees to manuver around. 

We were out paddling about 2 hours or so.  It was a beautiful spring day !

Later we arrived back at the campsite to do a little cooking of hamburgers and hot dogs.
It was a great day - they are a great couple & we hope to get out paddling with them again sometime in the future.

Wishing everyone a great summer..........see ya'll down the road !

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hi - Family & Friends !

Hello Everyone,

Hopefully I can get back to posting here on the blog and catching up on all the comings and goings of our family soon.

I did have my surgery, 7/30/2012.  After the hard brace initially given, I was given what I call the 'club' after the surgery. A week later they removed the 'club' bandages and I was given a softer brace and then the following week occupational therapy was begun. I am still in therapy and now they are ordering me a 'torture' brace !  I call it that even though it is actually called a dyno-brace.

Supposedly this thing will stretch my hand our (extension) for 30 minutes, then I reverse the procedure and it will stretch my hand out (flexion) for 30 minutes. I have to do this procedure (along with the other 15 exercises they have given me to do)  three times a day, every day.

I am telling you this dumb little fracture of the scaphoid bone on 5/12/2012 is TRULY a pain !

Time that I can't get back, and certainly Money that I can't get back, but worse of all the poor hubby has been forced to help me so much - I feel bad for him, really I do !!

But, I am on the road to recover and being as now I can use the thumb pretty good, I am thinking I can try to start catching up on this blog.

Hope everyone has had a nice summer - fall is around the corner for us all !