Monday, January 9, 2012

Hunting Island State Pk, So. Carolina

What a way to wake up in the morning !

We were lucky this weekend to get away for 3 nights to this great state park right on the ocean. It was cool at night about 45 degrees or so but nice during the day around 65 degrees or so.

The sand is hard packed enough to ride bikes on and when we did we found this huge horse-shoe crab. We took it back to the shore as the tide had brought it in but I am sad to say it never moved into the ocean

We hiked about 1.6 miles in the woods to the lighthouse and nature center. Then hiked about a half mile back to the campground on the beach. There is a lot of erosion and a lot of downed trees but the view was still something to see.

Below is a pic of me with the 'girls' (scruffy & ginger) as we walked along the beach. They loved it very much and had a great time.

Below is a picture of the road in front of our campsite, #57, and below that is a picture of our actual campsite. We were lucky not to have very many neighbors around us. It was very quiet.

As you can see Jeff looks very relaxed and serene as he looks out over the calm ocean.

Jeff and I found a really nice seafood restaurant named Johnson Creek that had fantastic food. I had fried shrimp and he had a grouper sandwich. They also had hush-puppies with honey butter and they were unbelievable!

Look at all the dollar bills stapled to the walls. Everyone who comes in staples one and, of course, we had to also......

As you can see from the picture below - every morning is a beautiful morning at this beach.

We can't wait to go back again!

See ya'll later !!