Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Visit to South Florida

I set off on my visit back to south Florida to see family and friends. I get a call my first afternoon heading south that my mother-in-law was having emergency eye surgery. I rushed to Plantation to pick her up to take her to hospital and back to her doctors the next day. My visit was to also include seeing my son (having 'just' missed his birthday two days before).

Lucky I did get to visit with both of them. Unfortunately my husbands' mom, Laura, wasn't feeling so well after her eye surgery. My son had to work so I squeezed in visits with him during the week and saw him lots on the upcoming weekend.

I also went to visit my friend Evelyn & her husband, Gary. I know Evelyn from my working days as she also worked for a trauma/general surgeon and we did lunch & the usual gab sessions!

I was able to sneak in a few hours to visit my former boss, Dr. Lakin, at his home. He retired shortly after I left his employ but it was wonderful to see him again. His wife, Arlene, is still working hard at her law practice in Margate, FL.

On the drive back, north on I-75 this blimp blew over and I just had to snap a picture. I had no idea the Navy had a blimp ?!

When leaving the parking lot where I got lunch I see this sign in the lot next door. It seems you can do you laundry AND get Mexican food at the same time. (Such a deal..........) Maybe next time !

Oh well, back home now, and back to reality. I am glad I got to visit every one.

I miss you Laura, Larry, Evelyn, Gary, Dr. Lakin & Arlene !

See ya'll

Our friends visit from Virginia

Jeff and I were lucky to see some of our friends from South Florida who are visiting us from the Virginia area where they have family and are on their way south again.

Unfortunately our dear friend, Rob, the 'daddy' in the group,could not come with them this time around.

But Jane, Jordyn and Robbie did and we are so happy to see them again! The picture below was taken out back on our property.

Jane and Jordyn went for a ride on Jeff's new 4x4 Polaris. He spends more time with it than me now........

Jeff took Jordyn for a ride out back on the property where he has been blazing some new trails.

Then it was Robbie's turn - as you can see they are both having a great time.

Later on the kids were relaxing and playing with Scruffy and Ginger. My doggies miss them when they aren't here so they make the most of it when they come to visit.

The picture below might need 'some' explanation. Jane was making lasagne (yes, she really can cook!) and we decided to have a little drinking game. Each time someone said the word lasagne we had to take a sip of our drink. I am not saying what was in the drink, just that we found it necessary to take lots of sips and by dinner time we didn't really care what that danged lasagne tasted like...........I'm just saying...........

see ya'll

A visit to Coward, South Carolina

Jeff and I went to Coward, South Carolina to visit our friend Al, who farms approximately 100 acres there. Most is land his family has owned for years and the house on the land is the one that he and his five sisters grew up in.

While there we attended a farm equipment auction. There were other items there too but mostly farm equipment.

As you can see from the picture below there were lots of tractors, sprayers and combines there and they were going for some BIG bucks !

Jeff and Al are seen here contemplating which item to bid on. We and Al bid on a few. We walked away with nothing and Al got one item.

Look at this tractor below, it has eight wheels. Bet that is a large bill replacing those tires !

The picture below shows Jeff sitting in a combine - not that we need one mind you - but always fun to sit in anyway. (It had air conditioning, I think that is why he was getting in it)

Besides the auction, Al decided to take us to every buffet in the surrounding cities. We had a great time visiting with him - bit I really didn't need the extra five pounds in five days treatment....

See ya'll !