Saturday, February 19, 2011

Getting closer to moving in !

Thanks to Jeff and Rob - all the water and electrical work is done. We have power and water to the house!

Then the bricks and sand was delivered so we can get the block and stucco done for the underpinning to the house.

We have steps built, front and back, so we would have access to finally check out the inside.

The dormer was completed and the drywallers and painters are inside now - can't wait to see how it turns out. The underpinning was also completed and it looks awesome !

Jeff and Rob are out back now building our 20' x 30' deck. Can't wait until it is completed....

See ya down the road !!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's Here.......It's Here!!!

Yesterday we were surprised they were able to deliver our house. On Monday it was raining and we were cancelled and told it wouldn't be until the end of the week.

Then they call us Tuesday morning and tell us they are gonna give it a try.......

These guys work miracles. These trucks can turn that house in every direction.

We had to put down logs and concrete blocks to get it over our culvert. And then there were the trees to dodge.

They had to cut down a tree or two and trample a few others but they got it through the maze and headed out back.

After about an hour they got both halves out back and they get it to the exact spot we want it and begin to block it underneath.

They only got the front side blocked and leveled as the rains started again. Below is a picture of the front side.

Below is a picture of the back side. They hope to get it set up, leveled today and hopefully lift the roof into place today. ( rain...........)

From near the front of the property here is our house in place!
We are so very happy and can't wait for ALL the rest of the things we gotta do to begin.....

See ya down the road ! -------eventually-------