Monday, April 26, 2010

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

We headed out to see the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado. We found a little campground in Blanco, Colorado that was a member of our Passport America, only $10 a night for full hook ups. (Not much to look at, but it did the job).

The day we arrive it was super windy, maybe 40 mph or better. I elected not to try to walk out to the dunes, but others did. (They returned rather quickly though)

They were huge and I am sure on a less windier day it would have been great to climb up them but this was not the day. Maybe next time around.

See ya down the road!

Cheyenne Mountain State Park to Pikes Peak, Colorado

This day we were able to drive up about 11,000 feet up Pike's Peak. Unfortunately we could not drive any further due to an avalanche that occured the day before.

The scenery however was breathtaking. Lots of snow and just a beautiful site.

Of course, we have heard the rumors of Big Foot sightings..... I am NOT saying that I saw one but, well as you can see for yourselves.....I Do have a picture!

And then there are the signs, that SAY that we should be aware that there are Big Foot crossings in the area so, I'd say you need to draw your own conclusions here!

Of course, we did not get all the way to the top that day, but the drive was still great.

Our stay at Cheyenne Mountain State Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado was brief but nice. It is one of the newer parks in Colorado and not everything was opened up yet but soon will be. Also when you first drive in you will see an area with lots of prairie dogs and they are a blast to watch. I could pull up a chair and watch them all day long.
Well everyone,

See ya down the road!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Taos, NM to Angle Fire, NM

We headed out of Los Alamos and on our way traveled through Taos, NM and then up into the mountains to Angel Fire, NM. We stopped for lunch along the way.

For "US" this is a lot of snow. So beautiful, that we thought we'd share a few pictures with you. We also saw elk during the drive.

See ya down the road!

Bandelier National Monument, Los Alamos, New Mexico

Here we are at this great park in New Mexico. It is drycamping only. Since we have a national park pass - it is also FREE admission to us. (How wonderful)

We hiked the trail to the Rio Grande River, about 5 miles round trip and about a 700 foot ascent. It took us about four hours but it was well worth it!

We toured the Alcove House which is built right into the mountain side like a cave. These were inhabitated by the Pueblo indians. They had their crops below their dwellings in the Frioles canyon. (I even climbed the four ladders totalling 140 feet to get into the Alcove House)...

Well, we're off again, guess the Jeep tour is coming up soon!
See ya down the road.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Petroglythes to the Kasha-Kituawe National Park

We left Datil, NM and headed west towards Alburqueque to see the Petroglyth National Monument outside of the city. We hiked to them and it was a sight to see. Right in the middle of town you can see these for yourself.

We continued north on to the city of Cochiti, New Mexico and we stayed at the Cochiti COE park which was electric only with water spigots near the sites. Nice large park. They are remodeling at the present time.

While at Cochiti we ' accidently' discovered Kasha-Kituawe National Park. We hiked around the hills and mountains and saw some awesome views. Look at the teepee rocks. We hiked to the top of this mountain for a great view.

Not sure what is next. Probably head further north up to the Sedona area.

See ya down the road!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Datil, NM and the Very Large Array

Heading to Datil, New Mexico we drive through the Valley of Fire. Lots of Lava rocks here. We stopped here to eat lunch.

Upon arriving at Datil, New Mexico at this great empty Bureau of Land Management area, it started to snow.

Snow flakes fell and after setting up we enjoyed a great rest. Datil is about 60 miles west of Socorro. The next day we took a great hike.

Jeff and the kids (Robbie & Jordyn) were sliding in the snow next to the pit toilets where we found an area they could use their sand dune discs.

The next day we drove back east about 15 miles to visit the Very Large Array. These satellites are for radio astronomy. It was an awesome sight!

Guess that is all for now,

See ya down the road!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

White Sand Dunes National Monument, New Mexico

We leave the Roswell, NM area and head towards The White Sand Dunes National Monument in New Mexico. This time we will be staying in Alamagordo, NM at the Oliver Lee Memorial Park. There are no hook ups at this park and it is a great park on the edge of a mountain range.

This is such a nice park which is in the middle of nowhere (right where we like to be).

Then we went over to the sand dunes and what a great day that was. What a great time we had sliding down the dunes with our friends and their kids. It was loads of fun for all.

Not sure what is next on the agenda, but we promise to keep you posted.
See you down the road!

Roswell, New Mexico and UFO's

We leave Carlsbad Caverns and head north towards Roswell, New Mexico.

We decide to camp at Bottomless Lake State Park. It was a nice quiet park with a great camphost. We had water & electric.

We hiked a small distance to Bottomless Lake and along the way to town we saw pronghorn along the roadside.

As you can see one night we had a beautiful sunset to look at while eating dinner.

Then, of course, we went into town to the USO museum. Well, that is $10 bucks and two hours of my life that I'll never get back. (Enough said....)

We even got to visit the Ford dealership where we got to leave them some of our currency!

See ya down the road!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Carlsbad Caverns, NM

From Texas we headed to Carlsbad, New Mexico to the Carlsbad Caverns. This is a National Monument and part of the national park system. We decided to purchase a national annual park access pass which is $80 and allows us to enter all national parks for free for one year.

This is a beautiful and huge cavern. There are several tours you can take and the one we chose lasted about three hours.
We stayed at Brantley State Park nearby. It was extremely windy at the time we were there in March 2010.
See ya down the road!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Georgia to Texas February 2010

We left our property in Georgia end of February in search of a great adventure. We start out heading west towards Texas. Taking our time to see what is out in this great world of ours.

We hit Biloxi, Mississippi by going to the Hard Rock Casino. Didn't make any money but we did have a good time.

We leave there and head out for the great state of Texas. We end up in Canyon Lake, Texas at a beautiful, large state park on a huge lake called Potters Creek St. Pk. We had deer at our site daily. Hope to get back there again. We could only spend two days here as we're making our way west.

We will be leaving Texas to head to Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico now.........

See you down the road!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our Very First Post

This is our very first post - so a few mess ups will probably occur.
Please bear with us - we promise to get better.
Here is a picture of 'who' we are and we hope you will enjoy our posts in the future.

The above picture is from today at Montezuma's Castle in Arizona.

Below is a picture of the current truck and trailer we are traveling in.