Monday, May 23, 2011

Current goings on in Georgia

My little Scruffy is definitely the smart one......... and.......

Everyone thinks that Ginger is the cute one......and okay, they are accurate........

This is what my little 'angels' do best - lounge on the couch - together.

I needed more storage in the laundry room so we put three cabinets up top and three cabinets below and got a counter top. Moved the electrical switch between the two cabinet sections so we can have power. Now I have a place to fold my clothes and start doing my stained glass projects again which I really miss. I have had my stained glass stuff in storage about one and a half years now !

Practically no cell phone service here in our neck of the woods, so we had to get a repeater and an antenna to help boost our bars on the phones. Still NO bars, but at least we can now get a call inside the house and not loose the connection. The cost was ridiculous but at least now they work !

See ya down the road my friends .......

Sunday, May 1, 2011

So what's new around here ?

Lots of activities going on around here. Jeff got a new 'toy' and he just loves it. He was on his first spin on it this day. It does a great job and WOW what time it saves !!

He DID actually let me drive it. It was pretty awesome. Never drove this type of mower before...

We've had some interesting guests, but this one takes the cake. We have named her Myrtle.

We think she is a gopher turtle, a protected species. She makes the daily rounds up at the garage hoping to find a leftover or two on the ground or in a garbage bag she can dig through

As my friends and family know, my mom is in need of full time care, so she is in central Georgia now and she brought with her both of her beautiful pets.

Below is ten year old Pepper, a shelter dog, who kept the bears away at moms former home in central Florida.

My moms second dog, GiGi, is a ten year old toy , who is sweet as can be.

Silly Bird.........This danged cardinal keeps pecking at the kitchen window!

Then we chase him away, he heads for my car............

See ya down the road !! (or yard maybe.........)