Tuesday, December 28, 2010

South Fla to see family !

We are here in Plantation, Florida for the Christmas Holiday. Look at our awesome Christmas tree......

My friend, Sherry, stopped by for a visit. We've been friends over 30 years!

Here is a picture of my mom, who is a little laid back today, enjoying a football game probably with her little doggie, GiGi.....

Below is a picture of Jeff and his mom, Laura. She is hosting this shin-dig and we are staying with her during our time here.

The picture here is of myself and my son, Larry. He still lives in Plantation and it was nice to see him again. (They grow up so fast)

As you can see in this picture below Jeff is carving up the ham and will start on the turkey next.

This picture below is of my mother-in-law again (Laura) and her boyfriend, Izzy.

And this goofy pic below is of my nephew, Jarrod, and his dad (my brother), Jamie. They are the trouble-makers in the family.
Missing is my niece, Chelsea, who is away at college in Tampa. She will join us in a few days though.

See ya down the road !

Things are moving along in Georgia

We are accomplishing things at the property in Georgia.

First things first though - we need to do laundry. This is set up in our garage.
But take note - it dropped to 16 degrees and the lines/valves in the washer froze up and broke and now we gotta order new parts when we get back from our Holiday in South Florida!

We bought a 8' x 12' utility/landscape trailer because of all the 'stuff' we had to haul off that was out in the woods. Boy there was a lot out there too!

Jeff cleaned out the shed behind the garage (you can see is behind the trailer here) and after throwing out some old stuff that had been in there for years; he built the little ledge to put the firewood in that we will definitely need when we get the new house.

Okay, we are OFF for the Holidays to visit family in South Florida. We'll be back in January 2011.
See ya down the road !

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Georgia on my mind - where are we ?

As many of you know, Jeff and I have property in middle Georgia, which is ultimately where we plan to reside. Below is a picture of where we and our friends have set up our RV's for now.

We have approximately 19 acres of land which was previously farmed by relatives. The picture below is where we hope to put our home some day.

We already have a large garage on the property and a well in place. We have had power to the building for years and now will set it up for full hook ups for both RV's.

The well water was full of iron and required a water treatment system installed and after this was done Jeff and Rob (and Robbie) had to create a building over it. They are hard at work in the picture below.

Later on they painted it and tried to make it look like an old-fashioned out house.

Even though we are in the woods - we still want the creature comforts of home - so we had DirecTV installed! (wonder if Jeff will ever come out of the RV again ?)

My son, Larry, came up from South Florida for a visit over Thanksgiving and he and Jeff are about to undertake some thinning out of the trees so they don't fall on the RV.

Below my son is carrying off some of the limbs into the woods.

We decided we needed to do something to try and make our RV warmer, so we are putting a skirting around the base with with insulation. Jeff, not one to do anything the easy way, decided to make a real construction job out of it! He is SO perfect........what can I say?

The frame work is in place and next he attaches washers/screws to hold the insultation in place.

The final picture shows the overall finished work. Pretty nice huh? Only thing is - we won't be doing anymore camping anytime soon - gotta wait for winter to pass now.
Last night it was 20 degrees and now, today, at 3:30pm it has just hit 50 degrees! argh.........

See ya down the road !

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mammoth Cave Nat'l Pk, Cave City, KY

As mentioned in my previous post we are following our friends, Rob and Jane, up to Kentucky to their ultimate destination of Campbellsville. As you can see from the picture below fall is definitely here!

After spending a few days in Campbellsville we take Rob and Jane's two kids, Robbie and Jordyn, on a trip with us to Singing Hills Campground in Cave City, Kentucky.

Below Jordyn is helping Jeff with the set up of our camper for our three night stay.

The next day we head over to Mammoth Cave National Park which is about 3 miles away.

The kids want to do the Junior Ranger program so they are busy in the picture below filling out their books so they can get their badges. Jeff is supervising of course !

We took the Frozen Niagara Tour and as you can see there were a few stairs to climb to see the formations.

Below are a few pictures of some of the formation we saw at this part of the tour.

This particular cave system is, so far, the longest in the world. So far they have surveyed over 397 miles in the cave. Geologists believe there may be over 600 miles more to explore !

There are over 130 different lifeforms that live in these caves.

See ya down the road !

Fall Creek Falls State Park, Pikeville, TN

We have friends who are going to work for Amazon.com in Kentucky so we are traveling with them now through Tennessee to get there.

On our way we stop at this beautiful state park. I was at this park probably 35 years ago and remembered it to be a great park.

This is a paradise of more than 20,000 acres which are sprawled across the eastern top of the rugged Cumberland Plateau.
The Fall Creek Fall waterfall, which is in the picture below, stands at 256 feet and is the highest waterfall in the eastern United States. There are other waterfalls in the park also.

Jeff and our friends took the hike down to the bottom of the falls as you can see in the picture below.

We took a brief and short hike to Buzzard's Roost and Jeff took this shot below while crossing a tiny rock bridge to the other side.

We later took a short hike to Piney Falls and had to cross this long suspension bridge. I don't do well with heights and of course you know everyone shook the bridge as hard as they could !

After our hikes we sat down for a cozy picture at an overlook and as you can see it was a beautiful fall day.

See ya down the road !

Friday, November 12, 2010

Louisiana - The Plantations

We travel to the outskirts of New Orleans, along the Mississippi River where all the plantation owners had their homes. Today we visit two of these homes.

The first one is called Oak Alley Plantation. This is a Greek Revival mansion with 28 evenly spaced 300 year old live oaks. This mansion was built by a wealthy Creole sugar planter for his young wife. The home was built in 1839.

This is a view from the road.

This is a view when standing on the front porch of the mansion.

This is the front of the mansion.

This is the back of the mansion where the horse drawn carriages would pull up and unload their passengers.

The next plantation is called Laura: A Creole Plantation. This 1804 structure is one of the oldest and largest complexes on River Road.

The picture below is of the front of the home.

The picture below is of the back of the home.

The picture below is of the daughter of the original owners who ultimately ran the plantation by herself as she never married.

This picture is part of the garden. Note that the plant in the center of the picture is inside of a surgar bowl which was used to boil down the plants. What a huge bowl !

The picture below is of the dining room. It was very large, yet really very simple for their life.

Below are some peppers I saw growing out in the garden. Aren't they colorful ?

The picture below is where the slaves/servants lived. It is actually a duplex - two families lived here. One on each side of this very small building.

See ya down the road !