Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Splash in the Boro, Statesboro, GA that is!

When Jane, Robbie & Jordyn came to visit we took off with my cousins daughter, Saleena, to Statesboro to the water park. I have never been to a water park but when I got there I immediately saw the lazy river - who could resist?

There was also a separate pool for all the little ones in attendance (none of which were with us).....

As the day went on Jane and I went on the slide then Jane and Robbie went on the slide. Below are a few pics of them having fun on the slide. It was really fast !

I think they look like they are ready to go again....

And after a busy day of fun in the sun, we all were ready to eat. Jordyn dived right in.

See ya'll..........

Jane's Birthday & a swim in the creek, July 2013

My friend Jane has a birthday in August but since I won't be able to see her then I decided to bake her a cake to celebrate while she is visiting us for a while in July.

My mom even helped by putting on the chocolate frosting as you can see from the photo below.

Below is a photo enjoying her cake and her glass of wine. (You go Jane.......)

The creek that runs through our property still had lots of water in it since we have had unusually heavy amounts of rain this year.

So, Robbie, Jordyn and Saleena decided to go in for a dip......

Later on, all tuckered out we all just rest in the living room and watch a little television.

See ya'll..................

Monday, September 2, 2013

Museum of Aviation, Warner Robbins AFB in Georgia-July 2013

Our traveling RV family and bestie friends came down (minus the hubby as he has to work.......)
to visit us from Virginia and we took the time to do several things.

One of them was a visit to the Warner Robbins Air Force Base Museum of Aviation. It is a little over an hour from my house.

Here is Saleena (my cousins daughter) and Robbie in a ejector seat.

Here is a pic of Jordan, Saleena and Robbie when we still touring inside.

Maybe some day the two below will want to fly a fighter jet, huh?
Never know.........

We really did have a great time.

Everyone should go, there are alot more than planes there. There is written history and also lots of artifacts to see.  Not to mention it is FREE !!!

See ya'll !

ATV Riding, Wren, GA July 2013, Part I

We were very lucky that our friends from North Carolina, David & Donna, were able to come down for a visit around 4th of July this year.

We took the opportunity to go ATV riding at Sunnyside ATV Park about an house north of our home.

David was best man at our wedding almost eighteen years ago - man we're getting old.........

So, off we go, well sorta......
It was more like DOWN we go !

I wouldn't ride mine down that ditchy hill - so Jeff did !

We really DID have an awesome time.

See ya'll !

ATV Riding, Wren, GA July 2013, part 2

The fun never stops with our friends, David & Donna !

Jeff gets in on the fun......

Off we go again !

David makes a statement !

And later makes another one (above) ha ha ha

Of course, Jeff helps out !