Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I think the best part of the Holidays is getting to see your family.

My niece, Saleena, had a talent show through her school. It was so much fun seeing all the kids do their thing. She is in a baton squad and they were pretty awesome !

My brother, Jamie, and my nephew, Jarrod, came from South Florida to visit with us for a week or so.

My little ones, Scruffy (on the left) and Ginger (on the right) were being so sweet just posing in front of the Christmas tree.

One day whilst company was waiting for supper, I decided to make them a 5 lb meatloaf. What a job that was. It turned out great though.

As you can see from the pictures below we are feasting to our hearts content.

Below is a picture of my brother, mom and Jeff enjoying the meal.

It was a great visit and you never know when we can all get together again.

We hope everyone has a healthy and prosperous New Year !

I guess we will be communicating again in the year 2012........

Bye for now........

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Is it winter already? huh.........

Wasn't it just Thanksgiving last week?

I thought ole' man winter wasn't due until 12/22.........

From the looks of my gazebo roof and the roof of my SUV - winter IS here !

The thermostat outside showed 25 degrees..........bbbrrr..........

I was able this past week to start putting out the Christmas decorations. So far the inside of the house is done. Below are a few pictures.

I was even able to hang our stockings - a first for Jeff and I - as we have never had a fireplace before.

Also, my birthday treat (which I didn't get until today) was a new hair color and a new hair style.........yeah for me ! ! !

See ya'll later !

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

I feel very fortunate that some of our family was able to come up to visit over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

My birthday was last week, close to Thanksgiving, so my son was able to come for a visit from South Florida.

I also got to visit with my grand-pet, Enzo, (since I have no grand-kids, he's it!)....He is such a sweet doggie!

I got only one picture with my son and I - and it was taken by Grandma - not too steady a hand, but it got the job done.....

The picture below is of Larry and my mom.....everyone is hanging in there as you can see....

Finally the day is here, the bird is in the oven, and as you can see Larry is 'anxiously' awaiting its arrival.

WOW - it is ready ! She has great breasts doesn't she ? (oops, probably shouldn't say that)

This little 14 pounder was cut up and on the table jiffy quick. We enjoyed every bite and gave thanks to all that joined in our feast and maybe next year we can get the rest of of the family up here.........

See ya'll later !

Sunday, November 13, 2011

RV port & Fire Place

We are ready to get the slab poured so we can put up the RV port for the fifth wheel. It is all formed and the truck is here to start the slab.

There it is all completed. It is 20' wide by 43' deep.

Of course I had to go to the back of othe slab and put our initials in the cement - couldn't resist !

Now the RV port installers are there to put up the port.
It was a cold and drizzly day.

The picture below shows it completed and ready for the hubby to inspect when he arrives home from work. The port is 18' wide by 36' deep.

The last few nights it has been in the mid 20's and in the mornings around 25 or 30 degrees so we decided to try out the fireplace in our new home.

Last year we cut up lots of wood and put it in the shed to dry out and now we'll see how it burns.

The fire was awesome. Turn on the blower and it really warms up the living, dining and kitchen areas great.

Take care everyone, we'll be back soon !

Thursday, November 3, 2011

St. Simons Island, GA Part: 1

My friend Sherry came for a visit and we decided to travel about 2 1/2 hours east from my home to visit St. Simons Island, Georgia.

St. Simons is a barrier island. It forms a barrier between the Atlantic Ocean and Georgia.

The island was named "San Simone" by the 16th Century Spanish explorers.

We took in a visit at the the lighthouse that was first built in 1810 by James Gould. Unfortunately it was destroyed by the Confederate army in 1857.

The current light house which stands today is still a working lighthouse. It stands 25 feet from the site of the original lighthouse.

The current lighthouse has 129 steps and you can climb them if you wish (we did not).

Below is a picture of the beach and the pier. Which people seem to fish from all night long!

This is also the place where we started our ghost tour. It was a leisurely walk through the city streets, but unfortunately, we did not see any ghosts. We only heard a lot of ghost stories.

Below is a picture of some of the most beautiful oaks. They seem to be everywhere on the island.

See you soon !

St. Simons Island, GA Part: 2

During our visit to St. Simons Island we went over to Christ Church Frederica. This is an active Episcopalian Church. Founded approximately 70 years after the island was settled by English colonists.

The original Christ Church was built in 1820 but was damaged by Union troops during the war. It was then rebuilt again in 1884.

The pictures below show the inside of the church. It is truly stunning. The woodwork is amazing.

See ya soon !

St. Simons Island, GA Part: 3

Just wanted to share a few pictures of some of the stained glass works inside of the chuch. They were beautiful.

See ya soon !

St. Simons Island, GA, Pt: 4

We had to, of course, visit the cemetary behind Christ Church. Sherry and I love to look at the headstones and also to re-visit some of the resting places of the people who founded the cities we visit. There can be a rich history in the cemetaries, not to mention some interesting headstones.

Below is the brass marker that marks the grave of a great writer, Eugenia Price. This is Sherry's favorite author and she reads as well as has many, if not all, of her books !

Below are a few of the headstones that I came across during our venture through the cemetary grounds.

Last, but not least, is a picture of Sherry taking a picture of ME taking a picture of HER !

See you in the future ya'll !

Fall is in the air, definitely.

As you can see Fall has arrived in Central Georgia.

The trees changed colors in about 3 days and in about 5 more lost all their leaves.

It has been in the mid 30's at night this past 7 days.....but warms up nicely to the 60's or so during the day time.

The pups, Scruffy on the left and Ginger on the right, are proudly wearing their little sweaters in the mornings when they go outside since there is frost on the deck and on the ground.

And of course, during the day the like to snuggle up in our comforters to catch a snooze. (Their favorite thing to do........)

Have a great day ya'll !