Friday, February 28, 2014

My son visits - Feb. 2014

My son came up for a visit, mid-February, for a few days as it was his birthday. He and Jeff went out ATV riding at Big Nasty ATV park (where I broke my hand in 2012) and they had a great time. Also above is a picture of my son, myself and my mom (who lives with me). And the last picture is of my son, is dog Enzo and myself when he was leaving. I will be heading to South Florida the end of March to visit with family there...and I can't wait! See ya'll, Jody

Snow at my house - Jan. 29, 2014

The weather man finally got it right - we might get a smidgen or snow. So we did and it was more than I expected. In all the years we were going up to Georgia and in the three years I have lived here this is the FIRST time I saw snow at our property. Even the pool had snow all around it and my hen house got it share of the snow also. We have a light in there though to keep them warm and to extend their egg laying throughout the winter. It was really pretty awesome but I am ready for the summer now so we can get back in the pool! Take care, & see ya'll down the road, Jody