Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas - December 2012

Hi Friends & Family,

This is my last post of 2012.  It has been a good year for the Phillips/Thorpe household.

My mom is still with us and hanging in there even with all her medical problems.

Jeff got a great job with great benefits.

But most of all - we are all healthy and happy - living here in Georgia.
Life IS good !

We had family & friends visit over the Christmas Holiday. My mother in-law brought her friend Sandy and we all had a great time shopping and getting our manicures & pedicures for the Holiday!

My brother, Jamie, came up from south Florida also - it was great to see him again........

Jeff was in the kitchen tending to our 21 lb turkey. It was huge and turned out perfect.

Below is a picture of my brother, my mom and myself.  Most of the time they were here the temps were in the 20's at night and 40's during the day.  Great Holiday weather !!

I hope everyone had as good a Holiday as we did and from our family to yours we wish you a wonderful, happy, healthy and wealthy New Year .................

See ya'll later,

Jody & Jeff

Friday, December 14, 2012

My 60th birthday present - 11-20-2012

I told the hubby that I wanted something "BIG" for my 60th birthday. Never had a big gift and I wanted something special.

He asked what I wanted (BIG mistake) and so I told him " I want a pool. "  SO, guess what?

I got it.  Here are some pics of the stages of delivery & set up of our new saltwater, fiberglass pool:

As you can see in the picture above, it was a tight fit between our trees.

The picture above shows that the pool is off the flatbed and now the crane has it hooked up to place in the yard.

Now the pool is in place. They start to fill in the sides with sane. I will it up with some water & they fill in with some sand. All this done until pool is completely full.

Pool ready and dirt ready, now it will get formed up and the concrete Kool-Deck will be poured.

Concrete deck is being poured, then the color goes on.

Color is on and when it hardens, the plastic comes out of the pool. We continue to fill up and then the pumps get hooked up.

Finally it is done!  Now if only it weren't 60 degrees IN the pool and 45 degrees in my yard.
Dang............guess it'll be late spring before we can get in it  ! !

See ya'll later ----  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ---

I doubt I'll be posting before the new I have lots of company for the Holidays ! ! !

My visit to South Florida, Oct. 2012

I was very lucky to get to go down to South Florida to see my son, mother-in-law and friends.

Below are a few pictures of my family. This first picture is my mother-in-law Laura & her boyfriend, Izzy.

This picture below is my son and I........

This is a picture of my good friend, Evelyn, who I always try to see when in Florida.....

This picture below is of my former boss (Dr. Lakin( & his wife (Arlene)......both of whom are very important to me as I worked for Dr. Lakin for thirty years !

Below is a picture of my sons dog (closest I'll get to a grandchild), Enzo.......

Hope to get back there soon,

See ya'll soon !!

Family visits from Tampa, Florida, Oct. 2012

Lucky for me and my mom, that we have family coming to visit for a few days from Tampa.

My niece, Chelsea, gave birth recently to a  beautiful baby boy named Carter.  They came to visit us here along with daddy Joey.

My mom, Great Grandma Bette, was so happy for their visit. She truly was excited to see her one and only great grand baby !

That little Carter is a ham......for sure........

See ya'll later !